Monday, May 2, 2016

There's This Guy...

I will often point to Deanna Shrodes' site and others because their words bring added or new light to adoption issues I'm already contemplating.

Well, there's this guy I found today over at Origins, Inc. I read his article, "Adoption and The Bible" and it said a few things God had already been speaking to me about...(But this article is several years old, so God's been speaking to others before I was even considering such things!) I liked what I read because so much of it resounded with my spirit, and I believe most importantly, God's.

This man's pseudonym is Rohan McEnor. At this article's writing, he was protecting his daughter, but apparently there is no longer a need for that, because I found his book, Rebecca's Law (FREE download!), which relates his own story, at another site in which he uses his true name, Cameron Horn.

This evening I read another of his articles which showed how adoption in the modern sense violates every one of the Ten Commandments. This father of a relinquished infant who never wanted her to be relinquished shows his anger, boiling just beneath the surface in this article. Apparently, some accused him of blasphemy after it was published. I suspect it was more because of his approach than his reasoning.

I too, felt his anger, but I do not believe he wrote blasphemy. It seems to me he kept a very rational mind while writing in spite of his anger. Jesus got angry about injustices placed upon God's children when he overturned tables, right? He didn't like it that man was taking such advantage of man under the guise of doing service to God. Well, of course, I know this guy isn't Jesus and I'm NOT making that kind of comparison, but if it's okay for Jesus to have the temporary appearance of a madman because of injustice, I would think it okay for Mr. Horn to write with anger about people who hurt people while hiding their real motives behind the skirts of Jesus Christ. That kind of stuff makes me mad enough to spit. But the truth is, it doesn't matter whether or not it makes me angry. It doesn't matter if I can get thousands of people to 'side' with me.

What matters is what God thinks.

I am not a Bible scholar with a degree in theology. I cannot and do not want to argue over Scripture. I lean, probably to a fault, to the heart of what God speaks to us and I believe this guy is speaking God's heart on the matter of completely unnecessary adoptions. I am a pretty good listener, however, and if my understanding is skewed, I want God to show me. Still, I'm thinking this guy has it pretty much right.

I hope you'll take a look at "Adoption and the Bible". It contains some amazing tidbits and 'truth bombs'. Mr. McEnor/Horn didn't just write opinions, his work is well-documented and I do hope he writes "Father to the Fatherless: What the Bible really says about adoption", the book he spoke of in the first section of the article. I think I'd find his insights valuable.

I am several chapters into Rebecca's Law now and can hardly wait to finish here so I can go back there and see what happened next. I am a little afraid of what I'm going to find...

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