Sunday, February 28, 2016

All There Is To It

Therapists are good.
Counselors are good.
Friends' ears and shoulders are wonderful.
Knowing ourselves, how we deal with our hot spots and what sets those hot spots off...It's ALL GOOD.

But knowing Jesus is best.

Knowing Jesus as Healer brings the best, most thorough and most lasting healing.
Without Jesus Christ in the equation, the rest is gibberish because HE's the glue.
HE's the Main Thing.
He's the Perfect Resource.
The Most Excellent Counselor.

And believe me, He is the ONLY ONE who can untangle the enemy's web without getting caught up in the sticky stuff!

He is the ONE WHO LOVES YOU MOST, too.

So, the 'how' of healing?


Ask: No eloquent words required. Just ask.
Seek: Get into HIS WORD. His Assurances. His Promises. His directions.
Knock: Act upon what you've found. Ball up a fist and rattle the door. You've sought, now get through the door to the victory waiting on the other side by following those directions you've found.

You can ask where someone lives and get the address.
You can find the location and know you're in the right place.
But if you don't ball up your fist and knock loud enough to be heard, you won't get through the door.

Learn to follow His directions by asking for His strength to follow them.
Learn to forgive by asking for His strength to forgive. (This is a BIGGIE and not to be overlooked.)
Learn to love beyond the impossible by asking for His strength to love beyond the impossible.

Stick just one toe into the water of obedience and He'll see to it your whole body follows suit.
You'll come out refreshed.

Really, He'll do it, just don't quit ASKING. SEEKING. KNOCKING.

Don't EVER quit!

I promise if you keep on looking for healing in Him, you'll find healing in Him. He'll take you deeper and may not even be aware before you start just how deep the wounds are. But He knows and you'll get better and better. We don't stop getting better this side of Heaven so don't expect to ever be 'done'.

And a final word for today... Be careful as you seek your healing not to assume adoptees hold the market on woundedness.
We don't.
It's the human condition.

And that is exactly why we have Jesus!

And that's simply all there is to it.

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